Lower Main Street is changing. New buildings are being build up and down the street in anticipation of a skytrain station at Main and Broadway. On 2202 Main Street this seven storey concrete building is springing up in place of a car repair garage. Some of the past will remain thought, in a heritage alley. The pedestrian alley makes a mid-block connection which preserving a historic brick wall and augmenting the wall with interpretive signage about one of Vancouver’s oldest working neighbourhoods.

The building allows for a mix of housing types including ground-oriented townhouse units, studios, 1 beds and family oriented 2 and 3 bed strata units. The building also provides extensive outdoor areas including private roof-top patios for sixth floor units and a common west facing deck with extensive landscaping and urban agriculture.

The design of the retail ground floor is in keeping with the cadence of historically smaller scale retail along Main St while introducing some dynamic components including interconnected below-grade retail space and a retail-oriented pedestrian alley abutting the neighbouring property to the south.

The design works building height and form to retain and enhance the character of Lower Main Street toward within the heart of Mount Pleasant.

City: Vancouver, BC
Area: 81,000 sq ft
Status: Ongoing