This Dewdney Trunk Road project addresses a need for good rental apartments with 178 units along a major arterial road in Maple Ridge. Located just outside the town centre, this project is walking distance from shops and along three bus routes.

The building proposes six storeys of wood frame apartments atop two floors of parking. A large site permits the building to encircle a generous protected courtyard, 121 by 51 feet of landscaped space for children’s play and family use. The south of the building which abuts single family homes is kept lower at four storeys, with rooftop amenity space accessible to all through level thresholds at east and west sides.

Façade design of the building works hard to break up the long street face of the project, grouping apartments into white frames to bridge the whole to the smaller scale of one apartment. On the south side, smaller frames paired with a lower building height approximate the scale of townhomes, to better meet the adjacent detached houses.

City: Maple Ridge, BC
Area: 148,000 sq ft
Status: Ongoing