Semiahmoo Town Centre is a landmark development in south Surrey along the municipal border with White Rock, which aims to revitalize the existing single-storey shopping centre into a vibrant, active, mixed-use community. Our team has worked diligently with the City of Surrey for the past several years to refine our vision for the mall redevelopment within the context of the City’s objectives and surrounding community’s needs. At the core of our plan is a vibrant center to the neighborhood, delivering much needed housing, commercial opportunities, community services, parks and public space, within a finer grain road network. The long-range redevelopment of the site envisions a well-connected, mixed-use Town Centre with a large degree of public amenity and convenience within immediate walking distance of the local community.

Semiahmoo Town Centre and the City of White Rock’s Town Centre form a significant Urban Centre within the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (“RGS”). The Town Centre designation indicates a regional, primary focal point for concentrating growth, including high and medium density housing.

The emphasis of the Masterplan design will be in creating a Semiahmoo Town Centre, which will include a variety of high and medium density housing types, community amenities, an enhanced public realm, commercial shopping, a variety of public spaces, and sense of place unique to South Surrey / White Rock.

As development of the Masterplan progresses, the large site will slowly, but eventually be knitted into the surrounding street pattern. Connectivity to and through the site will be greatly improved. Streets of different character and function will emerge including a new east-west “High” Street (shopping street), smaller neighborhood streets with smaller local shops, residential at-grade, and possibly a pedestrian lane.

Higher density residential towers are organized toward the centre and east of the site, with lower forms stepping down to the to the existing residential neighborhoods to the west. The future buildings will be configured at grade to respond to their immediate local context: retail or mixed use fronting commercial streets (152nd Street, 17th Avenue / High Street, existing mall or future retail ‘Hub’ building) or residential townhomes fronting residential streets (Martin drive, and future internal streets).

City: Surrey, BC
Area: 2,000,000 sq ft, 27 acre site
Status: Ongoing